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August 11, 2010


So much of what you write here resonates with me. and, of course, you bring to this examination of your life and your identity the same observant and careful and insightful analysis that you bring to books or films or chamber music performances. While I sometimes get impatient that I'm still having to do this kind of work at this age, I look at the unhappiness both my mother and my mother-in-law seemed to manifest in their later years, and I want to work even harder. I'll look for this book. Thanks.

I absolutely adore James Hollis. He is a brilliant thinker and writes about love, midlife, and complexes in a way that is very accessible and transformative. As you said, Hollis is not a guy who writes frivolous self-help books. He doesn't tell you what to do or how to do it...he just opens windows to consciousness and that is a big gift. I love the word *remembering* as it means to reincorporating different parts of yourself that you have forgotten. It sounds like you are doing some reincorporating of that six year old you. I am so happy if my idea about the gluttony dream has allowed for some more re-membering.

And, dear K-line, I am extremely touched by your rave review. I look forward to working with you. And I would love the chance to work with you, Mardel, if a dream comes up that you would like to explore.

OK, it's amazing that you have posted this because I was going to tell you to do dream therapy with Bel. I can't wait to try it. I think that woman is a genius. Her dream analysis post rocked my world.

And, for all the ups and downs of late, you are a creative woman who's trying to maintain and develop her creativity amongst the structure imposed by the needs of others - still more responsibility that sucks holes out of you.

You have accomplished so much - inside and out.

I think it's only smart to re-evaluate ourselves at least once a decade.

This sounds like a fascinating book, and one that's given you some substantial insights. I think it's often a lifetime's work to reconcile the different parts of ourselves, and sort out our own expectations from those of the world around us.

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