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August 02, 2010


As I am a big Clinton fan, I would have loved to have been in Rhinebeck last weekend. Actually, I would have loved to been at the wedding.

It must be so nice to be able to speak in a normal tone of voice. My He-weasel needs me to repeat a lot of things and he speaks VERY loudly. I think he is getting close to accepting that he may need hearing aids.

I can so relate to G's reaction to the new sounds he's hearing -- I went through this several years ago when I got my hearing aids. I had no idea the gravel crunched that way underfoot -- I got its bass notes but missed much of its treble. It was much different, partly because I was so much older, than when I first got glasses, although I do remember that clarity and wonder as well. Then I just got to see more clearly what I knew (or quickly realized) had always been there. With the sounds, it was more amazement that so much sounded qualitatively different, that everyone alongside me was living in a different world than me, sound-wise. (And of course it's much more exhausting adjusting to a louder world than to a better-visually-defined one!)

Glad to hear about the hearing aids! And I thought of you all weekend with the Clinton wedding. Doncha hate it when famous people take over your town?

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