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July 10, 2010


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Very good afternoon, beauties! As I promised, here you are the many pictures taken at Franciacorta Wall socket Village, just near Brescia. I was a guest in the outlet for 3 days for just a special project, ¡°My Fashion Story¡±. I visited the a hundred and fifty shops and I preferred the autumn winter 2013 2014 trends, among women, men, kids, sport, accessories and beauty. With all the products I chose, I then created some outfits i always will show you very soon and so they also will be published on the Francicorta outlet village avenues. We also filmed many videos during my choices to make sure you more about the modern trends of next season.
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Here¡¯s the backstage of 3 days. You can see more around the Facebook page Franciacorta Store Village. Enjoy the video!Every tre giorni ho vistato post 150 negozi del complesso e tra moda donna, uomo e bambino, sport, accessori, tessili e beauty ho selezionato post prodotti che meglio interpretano, anche secondo il mio gusto, le tendenze dell¡¯autunno inverno 2013 2014. Abbiamo riempito pi¨´ di six enormi relle, ho selezionato pi¨´ di 60 scarpe, circa 50 borse e make up a non finire. Con tutti i prodotti scelti ho poi realizzato degli costumes in sets in nonetheless life che vi mostrer¨° presto e che saranno pubblicati su tutti my spouse and i canali di Franciacorta outlet village. Abbiamo poi girato tanti video - pillole durante the mie scelte per raccontarvi di pi¨´ sulle tendenze della prossima stagione (Vi tengo aggiornate no appena saranno montati!). http://www.fgymclub.com/

Rapt had some really interesting information and I got a lot out of reading it, and although it seemed to ramble in places I would recommend it.  You have mentioned House Thinking before and I think I will add the two books you mention to my list.

I just recently bought Rapt. I have read her other books and have really enjoyed them. I highly recommend "The Power of Place" and "House Thinking".

Quite a list! I'm not sure why, but as you know, I also like to at least list the books I've read -- especially since otherwise, there's the risk of re-reading some of the less memorable ones! My June reading has weighted toward genre fiction as well -- and Jack Reacher was part of that terrain -- have you thought of who might play him should there ever be a movie made?

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