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July 24, 2009


I think our reaction to music is so much beyond our analytical control that it's not surprising that the same recording heard at a different stage of life can seem completely unrecognizable. What touches us emotionally can change with our mood besides, and since the music is (or should be) reaching us at that level, we hear it through our own filter of mood, etc.

I've been having similar difficulties finding a recording of the Brahms Double Concerto that I like. I feel like Goldilocks. The recordings I have found aren't quite what I want, though some are closer than others. I wish I went to live music performances more. I find that music recorded in studios for mass distribution is more homogenized and bland. That's true in jazz and classical genres.

I have not had/taken the time to listen seriously to classical music for many, many years, neither at home or at concerts -- your perceptive, analytical writing makes me want to find that time again.

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