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April 29, 2009


Following your thought process and seeing the photographs is so interesting -- re LBR's questions above, I wonder if she's read Bachelard's wonderful book on The Poetics of Space. Have you?
Your peaked rooves look as if they were part of an original design - hard to imagine the house otherwise. I'm sure you'll eventually achieve the same feeling for your walk -- I quite like concrete, done right, myself.

I spend a lot of time on Realtor.com as I am forever "home" shopping and I am intrigued by the choices that people make. I am so interested in the psychological significance of how people feather our nest. He-weasel spent a couple of hours trying to find out what it is I love about ultra modern architecture. I learned that it is not for nothing that I am drawn to those iconoclastic structures.

I wonder how creating an inviting front yard is symbolic of something going on with you. No need to answer. It can be a rhetorical question. But, I cannot help but wondering.;-)

Happy feathering.

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