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November 20, 2008


that sounds terrifying! In any medical situation concerning myself, I'm always caught between my desire/compulsion to be a good patient (which for me translates as cheery-matter-of-fact-to stoic) and my concern that my symptoms, and my accurate translation of them, are my body's first line of defense and ignoring or trying to withstand them might have more serious repercussions. Yours seems to be a case in point. Sometimes I wonder if screaming hysterically might be more effective ;-) Hope you have a speedy recovery, assuming a diagnosis has been made -- and is it likely stress is a contributor, what with immune system involvement and all?

Geez, that is a scary story.

I had a similar response to Strep throat. My throat shurt so badly, I couldn't swallow for nearly 4 days. (This, despite a throat that looked barely red.)

Then I developed difficulty breathing. When I got to the clinic, they started IV fluids & antibiotics and also shots of prednisone and morphine. Once I was able speak, they asked me about the pain level. They gave a second shot of morphine.

The swab from 4 days prior then came back with a light growth of Strep. Most of the swelling was autoimmune. Imagine that.

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